rental faq

Can I put all my trash in a dumpster?

No, Roll off dumpsters do not allow household trash, refrigeration appliances, paint cans, bricks, concrete or tires

What if I haven't used the hours on the machine but my rental period is up?
Typically for a day rental you are given 8-Machine Hours but you have a 24-Hour time frame to use those 8-hours. Call our office and we will be able to give you a chance to use those hours if the system shows you haven’t used them yet.
Why do I have to put fuel back into the machine before returning it?
We deliver the machines with a full tank of fuel. If you run the machine until the fuel is gone, our pickup crew will not be able to pick up the equipment, they will have to call the fuel crew to refuel the machine. We offer a refuel service fee to make it more convenient.
The hose broke on the machine. I paid for insurance so why do I have to pay for the damage?
Along with the machine you purchased the “Protection Plan” this does not cover damage cause by the operator.
I have a friend that said he can fix the hose. That means I wont be charged right?
We do not allow ANY customer repairs to be made on our machines under any circumstances. You are advised to contact the office for all issues. You may be charged an additional fee for any repairs you complete. We have warranties that are voided when the Manufacture Service Technician does not complete the repair.