Skid Steer Track Loaders

A skid steer is a piece of construction equipment that’s main purpose is digging and hauling materials. These machines offer high power in small frames and can perform heavy tasks in small spaces. They also reduce the need to have more heavy-duty machines for different jobs, as many attachments come with every size and model. A skid steer is a versatile piece of equipment that’s used for construction and landscaping projects.

Wondering how the skid steer got its name?

The wheels (or treads) of a skid steer are fixed in one direction. In order to turn, the driver applies more speed to one side of the machine, causing the wheel to ‘skid’ into the turn. These pieces of machinery have a load capacity from 800 pounds to over two tons. Even so, they’re light and move around easily. Not only that, but they come with various attachments to the machine’s arms. Versatility is why skid steers are so popular, and they are commonly used for construction and landscaping.

Road Work
Debris Removal
Backfilling & Loading
Material Handling

9,900 lb Skid Steer

The TV370B is ideal for contractors looking for large-frame CTL strength and capacity in an extremely efficient machine.

At 74 horsepower, it delivers rated operating capacity (3,700 pounds at 50 percent tipping load) and reach that allows it to load, lift and carry with the big boys – all powered by a maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions solution.

The TV370 is extremely versatile and compatible with hundreds of attachments for even greater productivity.

11,000 LB Skid Steer

The TV450B is one of the most popular and powerful CTLs, allowing contractors to lift and load more, run more powerful attachments, and be more productive when working against the clock.

The 4,500-pound rated operating capacity at 50 percent tipping load, matched with high bucket and lift cylinder breakout forces, as well as an extremely powerful enhanced high-flow auxiliary hydraulics option, makes the TV450B your next low ground pressure/high performing workhorse.